• The 10 Best Surf Trips In the World

    The 10 Best Surf Trips In the World0

    There are few better ways to spend that precious two-week respite from the daily grind than hitting the waves Beach Boy style. Surf destinations can be as low-key and laid back as you want, or upscale and trendy, and every where in between. The top ten destinations listed here cater to both the kook (surfer

  • 25 Best Places to Visit in Rome

    25 Best Places to Visit in Rome0

    Rome is a popular travel destination, perhaps because of its amazing food, its reputation for romance, or its marvelous cultural roots. No matter the reason, if you’ve had to break the bank to get there, Rome is a great city to tour if you’re low on cash. Here are 25 delightful free attractions to visit

  • Five Best Eating Joints in Vienna

    Five Best Eating Joints in Vienna0

    When considering an economy food travel destination, Vienna is the first city that should come in your mind. Vienna has a variety of inexpensive eating joints. The city also has traditional Austrian delicacies at low prices and an array of vegetarian options. Here are five of Vienna’s favorite cost-effective joints that you should visit. 1.

  • Travel Trends Summer 2016

    Travel Trends Summer 20160

    Travel trends in 2016 are all about getting the most out of one trip as possible. There is so much that people can do when they go on a trip, but you might not have thought of all the things that you can do on a trip because you only focused on one place. No

  • 10 Tips for the perfect Safari Travel

    10 Tips for the perfect Safari Travel0

    Safari travel is a really exciting thing, but you have to get the idea out of your head that you are going to be riding on an elephant from a shed in the middle of the desert or the savannah. You can actually do a lot better than that, and you need to try all

  • My Dublin experience

    My Dublin experience0

    Traveling is something that just about everyone likes to do at least some time during their lives. Well, I am no different. And one of the best traveling destinations that I have experienced is when my wife and I went to Dublin, Ireland for my 30th birthday. This was by far one of the best

  • Tiny But Unforgettable Places You Could Stay During Your Vacation

    Tiny But Unforgettable Places You Could Stay During Your Vacation0

    Some travelers get bored with the usual generic hotel and decide they want to try something a little different. If they are traveling with somebody, they will probably want something just for two. If they’re by themselves they may not feel the need for a huge suite with nine-foot ceilings and a king-size bed. They

  • 5 New Disney Park Projects To Get Really Excited About

    5 New Disney Park Projects To Get Really Excited About0

    • News
    • September 2, 2015

    1)Star Wars opening on both coasts Disney recently announced the opening of two Star Wars-themed lands, one to each Disney park, located on either coast of the continental United States. Soon both Hollywood Studios in Orlando and Disneyland park in Anaheim will be home to Star Wars adventure lands based on the classic films. Each


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