• 9 Things I Learned While Driving Across the United States

    9 Things I Learned While Driving Across the United States0

    Traveling across the United States of America is an interesting experience. This summer I learned many things while driving across the U.S. Here are the 9 things I learned. One, there is a reason Michigan is known for its great lakes. I loved the motto of Silver Lake, “No salt no sharks no worries.” You

  • 10 Best NY Food Experiences

    10 Best NY Food Experiences0

    New York is known for its multicultural districts, each with their own authentic cuisine. For the ultimate New York experience, explore these 10 must-try eats. 1st Stop, Brooklyn Pizza A trip to New York is not complete without a slice of New York style pizza. For the most authentic New York pizza, stop in Brooklyn

  • Take on Broadway With 2-For-1 Tickets

    Take on Broadway With 2-For-1 Tickets0

    New York’s summer season is dwindling away, but that doesn’t mean summer deals have disappeared yet. Fans of Broadway may be delighted to know that New York City hosts their annual Broadway Week in September, which means discounts all around with select shows doling out 2-for-1 tickets. That garners a round of applause, along with

  • 5 Best Urban Beaches around the World

    5 Best Urban Beaches around the World0

    The best beaches are typically well known to local beachgoers. Though the designation “best” is exclusive to the beholder, there are beach destinations delivering a perfect mix of seaside resort and city sophistication. These are some top picks: 1. Miami Beach – Miami, Florida Tourists flock to Miami every day for the opportunity to sunbathe

  • 10 Simle Tips to Help You Avoid Getting Sick when You Travel

    10 Simle Tips to Help You Avoid Getting Sick when You Travel0

    Coming back from a vacation sick is absolutely no fun! Here are 10 easy tips to help you from coming back sick. 1.) Don’t Drink Any Local Water When traveling don’t drink local water. You have no idea how filthy, or how pure the water is. To avoid consuming bacteria that could lead to illness

  • Best Mountains for Spring!

    Best Mountains for Spring!0

    The best way to shake off the winter blues is to take a spring vacation in the fresh air and sunshine. America is filled with beautiful mountain ranges from the Appalachians on the East Coast to the Sierra Nevada range in California. There’s a mountain getaway within a few hours drive of most major cities

  • Travel Trends Summer 2016

    Travel Trends Summer 20160

    Travel trends in 2016 are all about getting the most out of one trip as possible. There is so much that people can do when they go on a trip, but you might not have thought of all the things that you can do on a trip because you only focused on one place. No

  • The 10 Best Surf Trips In the World

    The 10 Best Surf Trips In the World0

    There are few better ways to spend that precious two-week respite from the daily grind than hitting the waves Beach Boy style. Surf destinations can be as low-key and laid back as you want, or upscale and trendy, and every where in between. The top ten destinations listed here cater to both the kook (surfer


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