• My Dublin experience

    My Dublin experience0

    Traveling is something that just about everyone likes to do at least some time during their lives. Well, I am no different. And one of the best traveling destinations that I have experienced is when my wife and I went to Dublin, Ireland for my 30th birthday. This was by far one of the best

  • 5 Best Urban Beaches around the World

    5 Best Urban Beaches around the World0

    The best beaches are typically well known to local beachgoers. Though the designation “best” is exclusive to the beholder, there are beach destinations delivering a perfect mix of seaside resort and city sophistication. These are some top picks: 1. Miami Beach – Miami, Florida Tourists flock to Miami every day for the opportunity to sunbathe

  • 5 Ways To Find Yourself By Travelling the Globe

    5 Ways To Find Yourself By Travelling the Globe0

    Do you want to find yourself by travelling the globe? If you do, then the below five places are where you should go. Melbourne, Australia Melbourne, Australia, is a great place to find yourself, especially if you are worried about language barriers. Australia is an English speaking country, and there are quite a few beaches

  • 7 Spookiest Ghost Towns in the World

    7 Spookiest Ghost Towns in the World0

    There is still some debate as to whether or not ghosts actually to exist. However, if ghosts actually do exist, they are most likely to reside in one of these ghost towns that can be found all over the world. If you happen to be visiting one of these places, are you going to be

  • See The Real Cape Town: The Insider’s Guide

    See The Real Cape Town: The Insider’s Guide0

    When traveling, everyone wants to see the country through a local’s eyes. But with the constant influx of tourists brandishing guide books and guides that only want to take you to the most famous sights, that can be difficult. Here’s how to see the real Cape Town in South Africa. Mzoli Butchers in Gugulethu In

  • New York City for tourists

    New York City for tourists0

    Traveling to New York is an exciting prospect and there is more than enough to do. In fact, there are so many interesting places to visit that tourists need to plot out a strategy to make the most of time. There are some must-see places for New York tourists with the Empire State Building at


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