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Blair Calderon

Hello dear reader, my name is Blair and I write for about all my fascinating adventures I experience while...
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Kiara Gates

Hi, my name is Kiara and I am a fulltime author for My contact email is I always...
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Reginald Wiggins

Hey there, I’m Reginald, owner and CEO of I’m a sports fanatic and I love to do big bike...
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Greece – from ancient times and white sandy beaches

If you are thinking about Greece, you are thinking about the old gods, like Zeus, Hercules and the rich culture...
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How to get the most out of your Prague visit

Prague is one of the cities, where you can describe it for hours and haven’t even begun to manifest its...
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Mystical Cambodia

Cambodia is located in the south-east of Asia between Vietnam, Laos and Thailand. The country is most known for the...
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Madagascar – the island where time stands still

The Island in the south of Africa is the fourth biggest island in the world and is sometimes described as...
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