How to get the most out of your Prague visit

Prague is one of the cities, where you can describe it for hours and haven’t even begun to manifest its beauty. The architecture, the cultural and historical influence, the different music genres that are vibing through the town, coffee houses and beer breweries are just some of the points to mention when talking about this majestic town on the River Vltava.


Tourists are drawn to the city and to its attractions. But there are some typical mistakes one can make while visiting Prague for the first time. The first one is Karl’s bridge. Yes, the bridge and the view are amazing, but so think thousands of visitors as well. The bridge is always packed with people, so that you won’t be able to enjoy the view. What you could do instead is to visit the Most Legií bridge. It is located directly next to the national theater of Prague and you can access it through the city center. Actually, it is so close to the center, that you can walk there. You will have an amazing view over the river Vltava as well and can enjoy the scenery in peace.


The infamous town hall clock of Prague shows from 9am to 9pm the 12 apostles in the windows. It is so well known that thousands of tourists are waiting on the Wenceslas square just to get a glimpse or a picture of the clock. If you are not in the mood for hordes of tourists, you can visit Vyšehrad, a neighborhood just outside the city center. With its historic buildings and churches, you can enjoy a peaceful day, since most tourists haven’t discovered this place yet. On top of that you can visit the castle wall and have a stunning view over the city.


You can find Trdelník and Absinth at almost every corner in Prague. But the sugar pastries and the famous green liquor are not Czech. If you want to try the real Czech food, you should go to the Ambiente Kollektiv. You can get traditional specialties, like knedlíky (dumplings), chlebíčky (sandwiches) or Guláš (goulash). Combined with a fresh brewed beer are those the classics of the Czech cuisine. Also to mention are the coffee houses, which are located all over town. Especially the Café Louvre is to mention, since already Franz Kafka and Albert Einstein visited the coffee house frequently.


On top of the mountain Hradschon you can visit the castle of Prag. You will have a wonderful view over the whole city and of course to thousands of visitors daily. If you want to have a truly unique view over the city, you can simply walk to the Letná Park. On the east end of the park is the metronome, where you have a view over the roofs of the city.


The night belongs to the clubs. It always has been that way. Since Prague is a rather cheap city, there are many tourists from Germany and Austria celebrating a bachelor party or having a night out with the friends from the football club. But Prague knows how to surprise you. Several Arthouse cinemas have opened within the last years and are offering movies in English original sound with Czech subtitles. On top of that you can choose from many more concerts, theatres or small bars within the city.


If you are planning your trip to Prague, be sure not to waste your time standing in line, when the alternative can be even more fascinating than the original destination. Prague will surprise you with its variety of attractions and a beautiful scenery throughout the whole town.