Yucatán – Mystery and Entertainment

Yucatán is one of the most visited travel destinations in Mexico. The peninsula combines wide, sandy beaches with crystal clear water and historic heritage from the Mayan civilization.

The north of the region is in Mexico, while the south of the island belongs to Belize and Guatemala. Most people that speak about Yucatan mean only the Mexican part of the peninsula.

The cities

Most famous is Cancún. The city on the northeast tip is known for beaches, parties, and enjoying life to its fullest. Many US students are spending their spring break here, which means that the city is being transformed completely into a large party. If you rather want to see culture in Cancún, you can simply go a few minutes outside of the city and can explore small fisher villages and Maya ruins in the thick palm forests.

Merida is called “the white city” and is one of the oldest cities in the region. It used to be a ceremonial center for the Mayans with many pyramids, that have been transformed by the Spanish. The name of the city is not only chosen due to many white buildings but also because many inhabitants are dressed traditionally in white. If you are visiting Merida, you need to explore the Plaza Grande. You will be welcomed with typical Mexican charm and the Cathedral de San Ildefonso is located here. This Cathedral has been built upon a Mayan temple and is full of surprises for the vigilant visitor.

Mayan Legacies

You will always stumble upon legacies from the old Mayan culture. Ancient structures have been used to build new cities, temples and pyramids are everywhere to be seen. The most famous pyramid is Chichén Itzá, which has been declared to be one of the new 7 world wonders.

The ruins are located just 120km east of Merida and have been built in the late Mayan time. Archeologists say that this town has to have had an important role in the regional structure. The city of Chichén Itzá combines several temples, pyramids, and even a ball sports stadium. Scientists are not sure, why the inhabitants have left the city over 100 years before the Spanish Conquistadores arrived in Mexico.

Next to this huge city of the Mayans, you can find Kabáh, Sayil, Labná, Grutas de Loltún, and many more sites, that are just waiting to be discovered. The list of temples, pyramids, and even undiscovered cities in the rainforest is endless.

Underground Beaches

If you are in for an adventure, you need to have a look at the Cenotes. These are underground lakes and rivers, that you can access through a hole that has collapsed. The Cenotes are spread all over the peninsula and you can find secluded private beaches underground. Sometimes it can be tricky to climb down and sometimes a pathway has already been cleared. If you are exploring nature, make sure to have a look for these hidden treasures.