Langkawi – Malaysia’s Island paradise

If you are thinking about the vacation of your dreams, you might think about beaches, sunshine, activities during the day as well as bars and clubs at night. If this dream vacation is also located on a tropical island, the Langkawi region in Malaysia is the place to be for you.

In front of the northwestern coast of Malaysia are roughly 100 smaller and bigger islands. Pulau Langkawi is the main island and also the most famous one. It offers varied natural landscapes, a great infrastructure, hotels next to the beach, and entertainment for those who are looking for it.

The options of activities on Pulau Langkawi are endless. The tourists are mainly attracted to the fine white sand and clear blue waters along the picturesque bays. You will find long beach stretches where you can walk for miles and miles with green palm trees and exotic mangrove forests.

The center of the island is characterized by limestone hills with colorful plants, waterfalls, and monkeys living their best life. Roughly two-third of the island is covered in tropical rainforest, which is why these islands are often referred to as a natural paradise.

Locals will welcome you with warm hospitality and you can meet travelers from all over the world. In the cafes and bars, you can meet a lot of backpackers and locals, who will give you their insight about great spots on the island, that aren’t overrun by tourists yet or where the best parties will be at.

If your main goal is the beach, then you should have a look for these famous spots:

Pantai Cenang is the longest beach on the island and the most famous one. Many resorts and hotels can be found here and the beach itself is wide and sandy. The northern part of the stretch is not as busy if you are looking to relax at the beach.

The Black Sand Beach is in the northwest and has darker sand than usual. It is a bit busier, since loads of tourists travel to the beach, to see the darker color which comes from the different minerals in the sand.

In the northwest of the island, you will find the Tanjung Rhu Beach. Instead of hotels right next to the beach, you will find a thick mangrove and pine forest. This beach is seen as more upper class and offers tranquility along with the view towards rocky islands right before the coast that sticks out from the ocean just a couple of hundred meters away.

If you want to experience some culture and local heritage while you are already there, you should definitely check out the Hindu temples which are spread over all the islands. Also, you can have a look at the two artist villages Atma Alam Batik Art Village and the Pisang Handicraft & Art Village. You can find local art and craftsmanship at its best in these places and will be amazed by the quality and creativity.