• Traveling: How to Pack a Professional First Aid Kit

    Traveling: How to Pack a Professional First Aid Kit0

    If you are planning on traveling outside of metropolitan areas, taking an emergency first aid kit is a wise decision. Accidents do happen, and you want to be prepared in case you are unable to get help immediately. A generalized medical kit is fine, but you should go ahead and personalize it with any medications

  • 9 Santa Monica Hotels that have that LA feel

    9 Santa Monica Hotels that have that LA feel0

    Santa Monica California is one of the most popular beach side destinations for visitors and locals alike. The area is filled with the best restaurants, trendiest boutiques, and awesome nightlife. Accommodations are available to those with basic needs for comfort and relaxation, as well as those who crave the five-star pampering they deserve. Loews Santa

  • 10 Best NY Food Experiences

    10 Best NY Food Experiences0

    New York is known for its multicultural districts, each with their own authentic cuisine. For the ultimate New York experience, explore these 10 must-try eats. 1st Stop, Brooklyn Pizza A trip to New York is not complete without a slice of New York style pizza. For the most authentic New York pizza, stop in Brooklyn

  • Travel Trends 2016

    Travel Trends 20160

    With vacation season well underway, the travel and hospitality industries are seeing exponential growth well beyond the summer months. This year, travelers are adding fresh new twists to the expected itineraries with innovative practices. Take an inside look at the top five travel trends of 2016. 1. Immersive Vacations Increasingly, savvy travelers are distancing themselves

  • Five Best Eating Joints in Vienna

    Five Best Eating Joints in Vienna0

    When considering an economy food travel destination, Vienna is the first city that should come in your mind. Vienna has a variety of inexpensive eating joints. The city also has traditional Austrian delicacies at low prices and an array of vegetarian options. Here are five of Vienna’s favorite cost-effective joints that you should visit. 1.

  • Tiny But Unforgettable Places You Could Stay During Your Vacation

    Tiny But Unforgettable Places You Could Stay During Your Vacation0

    Some travelers get bored with the usual generic hotel and decide they want to try something a little different. If they are traveling with somebody, they will probably want something just for two. If they’re by themselves they may not feel the need for a huge suite with nine-foot ceilings and a king-size bed. They



    As a California person, the very thought of bicycling through Spain is beyond intriguing and bordering on exotic. And knowing there are actual tours, with particular destinations that emphasis areas that are specifically interesting to any traveler to a distant land makes the concept doable and desirable. The fabulous part of traveling by bicycle through

  • 5 Amazing Songs you Need on your Road Trip

    5 Amazing Songs you Need on your Road Trip0

    Are you heading out on the highway this summer? You’re going to want some tunes to fuel your fun. There are plenty of options, but you need to have these five to give you that extra burst of energy. So load them on your iPod or MP3. Remember, it’s not the destination that matters so


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