• My Dublin experience

    My Dublin experience0

    Traveling is something that just about everyone likes to do at least some time during their lives. Well, I am no different. And one of the best traveling destinations that I have experienced is when my wife and I went to Dublin, Ireland for my 30th birthday. This was by far one of the best

  • Best Mountains for Spring!

    Best Mountains for Spring!0

    The best way to shake off the winter blues is to take a spring vacation in the fresh air and sunshine. America is filled with beautiful mountain ranges from the Appalachians on the East Coast to the Sierra Nevada range in California. There’s a mountain getaway within a few hours drive of most major cities

  • 25 Best Places to Visit in Rome

    25 Best Places to Visit in Rome0

    Rome is a popular travel destination, perhaps because of its amazing food, its reputation for romance, or its marvelous cultural roots. No matter the reason, if you’ve had to break the bank to get there, Rome is a great city to tour if you’re low on cash. Here are 25 delightful free attractions to visit

  • 9 Things You Will Learn The First Time You Camp

    9 Things You Will Learn The First Time You Camp0

    • News
    • September 2, 2015

    Camping is great way to step away from technology and recharge in nature. Camping doesn’t require skill or talent, rather it requires some preparation. Here are a few things that first time campers discovered on their first trip. Take these tips to make your first camping trip a success. Prepare to be dirty. No matter

  • 11 Factory Tours You’ll Want To See

    11 Factory Tours You’ll Want To See0

    You don’t want to miss these great factory tours! Stuffington Bear Factory Tour, Phoenix, AZ Learn how stuffed animals are made, the history of the teddy bear and create your own custom stuffed animal to cherish for years to come. Future of Flight Aviation Center & Boeing Tour, Everett, WA Explore interactive exhibits and displays,

  • 10 places tea lovers should have on their travel bucketlist

    10 places tea lovers should have on their travel bucketlist0

    England British people enjoy their tea! If you happen to visit England you’ll definitely be given a cup of tea. They love tea each morning, on a rest at the job, with a quick snack or as the very last thing before bedtime. Most tea rooms nowadays provide tea from 3 to 5 o’clock. You

  • Pubs in Melbourne

    Pubs in Melbourne0

    Melbourne has some of the coolest bars, they may be hard to locate. But a rule of thumb is the harder the pub is to find usually means the better the pub. There are pub walking tours to help in this aspect though. Here are some of the top pubs that Melbourne has to offer.

  • My Favorite Things to do in the Virgin Islands

    My Favorite Things to do in the Virgin Islands0

    When I went to the Virgin Islands, I loved everything about it. I enjoyed certain activities more than others. Below are my favorite activities I did while in the Virgin Islands. 1. Virgin Islands National Park The Virgin Island National Park is over 7,000 acres of fun. The park has many fun activities to do,


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