• 5 Things you Shouldn’t Miss in Cape Cod

    5 Things you Shouldn’t Miss in Cape Cod0

    As a choice beach destination, there is much more to do in Cape Cod than you’d imagine. There are spectacular views that will take your breath away, yes, but there are also hidden gems that you shouldn’t miss. Enjoy Nature When you visit Cape Cod you’ll be in awe of the nature. With several trails

  • 5 Best Urban Beaches around the World

    5 Best Urban Beaches around the World0

    The best beaches are typically well known to local beachgoers. Though the designation “best” is exclusive to the beholder, there are beach destinations delivering a perfect mix of seaside resort and city sophistication. These are some top picks: 1. Miami Beach – Miami, Florida Tourists flock to Miami every day for the opportunity to sunbathe

  • 25 Best Places to Visit in Rome

    25 Best Places to Visit in Rome0

    Rome is a popular travel destination, perhaps because of its amazing food, its reputation for romance, or its marvelous cultural roots. No matter the reason, if you’ve had to break the bank to get there, Rome is a great city to tour if you’re low on cash. Here are 25 delightful free attractions to visit

  • 10 Tips for the perfect Safari Travel

    10 Tips for the perfect Safari Travel0

    Safari travel is a really exciting thing, but you have to get the idea out of your head that you are going to be riding on an elephant from a shed in the middle of the desert or the savannah. You can actually do a lot better than that, and you need to try all

  • Critical Tips On Staying Safe in South Africa

    Critical Tips On Staying Safe in South Africa0

    South Africa is notorious for being a hazardous destination due to the high crime rate. A study carried out by the United Nations Office on Drugs, and Crime in 2012 revealed that the country had a yearly intentional homicide rate of 30 deaths per every 100,000 locals. As indicated by a post by BBC, the

  • Travel Trends 2016

    Travel Trends 20160

    With vacation season well underway, the travel and hospitality industries are seeing exponential growth well beyond the summer months. This year, travelers are adding fresh new twists to the expected itineraries with innovative practices. Take an inside look at the top five travel trends of 2016. 1. Immersive Vacations Increasingly, savvy travelers are distancing themselves

  • How To Stay Safe When You Travel As A Solo Female

    How To Stay Safe When You Travel As A Solo Female0

    • News
    • September 4, 2015

    When thinking about travelling solo, the primary concern is your safety. Your friends and family will tell you that as a female, the risks are too high and will probably try to convince you that it’s a bad idea. Whether you are a man or woman, staying safe while travelling is the most important factor.

  • Pubs in Melbourne

    Pubs in Melbourne0

    Melbourne has some of the coolest bars, they may be hard to locate. But a rule of thumb is the harder the pub is to find usually means the better the pub. There are pub walking tours to help in this aspect though. Here are some of the top pubs that Melbourne has to offer.


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