• The 10 Best Surf Trips In the World

    The 10 Best Surf Trips In the World0

    There are few better ways to spend that precious two-week respite from the daily grind than hitting the waves Beach Boy style. Surf destinations can be as low-key and laid back as you want, or upscale and trendy, and every where in between. The top ten destinations listed here cater to both the kook (surfer

  • Travel Trends Summer 2016

    Travel Trends Summer 20160

    Travel trends in 2016 are all about getting the most out of one trip as possible. There is so much that people can do when they go on a trip, but you might not have thought of all the things that you can do on a trip because you only focused on one place. No

  • Take on Broadway With 2-For-1 Tickets

    Take on Broadway With 2-For-1 Tickets0

    New York’s summer season is dwindling away, but that doesn’t mean summer deals have disappeared yet. Fans of Broadway may be delighted to know that New York City hosts their annual Broadway Week in September, which means discounts all around with select shows doling out 2-for-1 tickets. That garners a round of applause, along with

  • Handy Gadgets for the Intrepid Traveller

    Handy Gadgets for the Intrepid Traveller0

    Traveling the world is something that everybody should experience; immersing yourself in cultures and countries you have never visited is an incredible way to expand your mind and yourself. Although it can be fun and exciting there is always a certain stress level that comes with traveling, but there are plenty of gadgets out there

  • Critical Tips On Staying Safe in South Africa

    Critical Tips On Staying Safe in South Africa0

    South Africa is notorious for being a hazardous destination due to the high crime rate. A study carried out by the United Nations Office on Drugs, and Crime in 2012 revealed that the country had a yearly intentional homicide rate of 30 deaths per every 100,000 locals. As indicated by a post by BBC, the

  • Traveling: How to Pack a Professional First Aid Kit

    Traveling: How to Pack a Professional First Aid Kit0

    If you are planning on traveling outside of metropolitan areas, taking an emergency first aid kit is a wise decision. Accidents do happen, and you want to be prepared in case you are unable to get help immediately. A generalized medical kit is fine, but you should go ahead and personalize it with any medications


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