Scape vacation rut with a volunteer vacation

While there are many perks to vacationing, there are at least two great things which get our get-away adrenaline pumping. To begin, age is never a factor. Everybody loves finding special places to go and interesting things to do. The second is creating a vacation that doesn’t cost a fortune! Embarking on the possibilities of these two pluses means now is the time to get out of the typical vacation rut. By rolling up our sleeves and using a little imagination it’s easy to dive right in!

Ladies, gents and families of all ages are discovering unbelievable vacationing options with a mysterious twist. However, it’s really no mystery. It’s volunteering! Giving back to those who need help can get you a front row seat on the beaches of the Mediterranean, the heartlands of Africa or even the little town next door that has yet to be explored. How about the idea of volunteering your way to beautiful Haiti? There are hundreds, if not thousands of volunteer needs being met vacation-style. Volunteer vacations allow folks to spend a little, give a little and get a whole lot more back.

By checking out great information at places like, and Globe Aware, incredible destinations and savings are at your fingertips. Many offer inexpensive trips. Others provide full coverage for the cost of accommodations and meals. Some may charge a one-time fee for extra savings, allowing travel expenses to plummet to comfortable levels or better. Notably, air fare isn’t often included in the volunteering vacationing genre. But, is well-versed in negotiating discounted rates with international humanitarian volunteer excursions. In a nut shell, possibly paying between $700-1000 for a 1-2 week practically all-expense-paid vacation is nothing to sneeze at!

Conveniently, most volunteer vacations generally last from one week to two months long. Many skills are appreciated; yet, some volunteer travel opportunities require no specific skill-set at all. Sometimes offering personal time to learn how to make a difference is all it takes to become a part of this amazing lifestyle. Sharing cultures, helping people, caring for wildlife, teaching reading, prison docent jobs and more magically transform lives while building a better connected world.

Connections of the heart is what volunteer vacationing is all about. Whether your heart longs for joy or someone else’s in another country does, let „voluntourism“ be your next great step toward changing lives and making dreams come true.