9 Things You Will Learn The First Time You Camp

Camping is great way to step away from technology and recharge in nature. Camping doesn’t require skill or talent, rather it requires some preparation. Here are a few things that first time campers discovered on their first trip. Take these tips to make your first camping trip a success.

Prepare to be dirty.
No matter how diligent you are, you will track mud and dirt into your tent. Relax, you can take a hot shower and do laundry when you get home. Some campers will leave their shoes at the entrance of the tent and wipe their feet before they enter.

Prepare for even more dirt.
Hiking, swimming and sitting by the campfire are all a part of camping. All can make your clothes muddy and wet. Leave your expensive dry-clean only clothes at home. Pack clothes that can be easily washed.

Your tent will be your home away from home.
Unless you will be hiking the entire trip and carrying your tent with you, you need a roomy tent. While pup tents are light and quick to put up, they get cramped quickly. You will only set up your tent once during your trip, so splurge and get the large one. It will give you room to change and store your belongings.

Read your tent instructions beforehand.
Speaking of tents, know how to set yours up before you go. Not only will it save time and frustration, you may find that you need to purchase extra stakes and ropes.

Sleep is not overrated.
You will be busy all day and will want to get a good night sleep. While you can’t bring your entire bed with you, you will want to bring a proper sleeping bag with you. Some campers will bring a mat or an air mattress for extra comfort.

It will get cold.
Nighttime will bring cooler temperatures, even if it was hot all day. Make sure your sleeping bag is warm enough as tents will only contain so much heat. You may also want to pack warm pajamas as well.

Prepare for temperature changes.
You could be cold in the mornings and hot in the afternoons. Prepare by packing a jacket, hat and long pants. Dressing in layers is always key when camping.

Socks are your best friends.
When you think you packed enough socks, pack some more. If your socks get wet while camping, you will need to change them. If they get dirty, you will need to change them. If it gets cold at night, you want that extra pair. Look for socks that are quick drying and wicks away sweat.