Tiny But Unforgettable Places You Could Stay During Your Vacation

Some travelers get bored with the usual generic hotel and decide they want to try something a little different. If they are traveling with somebody, they will probably want something just for two. If they’re by themselves they may not feel the need for a huge suite with nine-foot ceilings and a king-size bed. They may just want something a little quirky that not everybody else has found yet.

They may want to consider some of these places:

Free Spirit Spheres, Qualicum Beach, Canada
This very small hotel offers a trio of suspended spherical treehouses in the middle of a rainforest on Vancouver Island. All three have names: Eve, Eryn and Melody. Eryn is the largest and can accommodate three people. The spheres have electricity and refrigerators, but bathroom facilities are on the ground.

Lovers‘ Deep, Caribbean Sea
Lover’s Deep is a luxury submarine built for two run by Oliver’s Travels. It can be taken anywhere within the Caribbean Sea, so guests can enjoy such views as an old shipwreck or a coral reef teeming with fish. The honeymoon option includes an aphrodisiac tasting menu to put guests in the mood. The menu offers oysters, caviar and a chocolate fondant.

The Attrap’Reves Hotel, France
The Attrap’Reves Hotel is a hotel chain with several locations in France. Each room is a transparent bubble-like pod made from recyclable materials. The bubbles are 13 feet in diameter and fully furnished. Guests may lie on the double bed and enjoy the night sky.

Hobbit House, Trout Creek, Montana
As the name suggests, the Hobbit House was inspired by the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. It is a replica of a hobbit hole and is therefore built into a hill. It also has the round door hobbits love, and it has such modern conveniences as Wi-Fi.

Dog Bark Park Inn, Cottonwood, Idaho
The Dog Bark Park Inn is housed in the World’s Biggest Beagle. The building really is shaped like a dog and contains two rooms, both designed to accommodate two guests. The owners are a husband-and-wife team of artists who specialize in folk art and wood carvings.

The Hotel de Vrowe van Stavoren, Stavoren, Netherlands
The Hotel de Vrowe van Stavoren has four rooms made from repurposed wine casks. The rooms all have a sitting room, bathroom and television. One end of the cask serves as the entrance.