10 Simle Tips to Help You Avoid Getting Sick when You Travel

Coming back from a vacation sick is absolutely no fun! Here are 10 easy tips to help you from coming back sick.
1.) Don’t Drink Any Local Water
When traveling don’t drink local water. You have no idea how filthy, or how pure the water is. To avoid consuming bacteria that could lead to illness drink purified bottled water (or buy a water bottle with a built in purifier). Doing simple things like brushing your teeth should also be done using purified water. As this will help you to not consume any harmful bacteria possibly lingering in the local water.
2.) See a Travel Health Professional
It is always a good idea to see a travel health professional before going anywhere out of the country. Be sure to make the appointment well before you leave, as this will ensure that you receive the necessary vaccinations.
3.) Take Antimalarials
Only take antimalarials when traveling to an area with a high risk for malaria. These medications do not effect everyone the same, and most of the time don’t cause side effects. Always be on the safe side when travel any place with a high risk for malaria and take antimalarials.
4.) Take Precautions Against Pesky Mosquitos!
Mosquitos are mainly known for simply leaving people with itchy bumps, but mosquitos are not that innocent. Mosquitos can very well transmit and infect you with diseases. Diseases such as denque, malaria, and yellow fever; and that’s not even the tip of the iceberg. Protect yourself against these pesky mosquitos by applying mosquito repellent, covering up, and residing in well air conditioned areas.
5.) Receive Necessary Vaccinations
Before leaving anywhere thoroughly research your destination. Consult a health professional, and be sure to receive any necessary vaccinations. However painful shots may be getting vaccinated can keep you healthy during your travels!
6.) Stay Hydrated
Especially ifyou are traveling to a hot region. Drinking lots of water, and wearing sun block will go a long way. Also, know the signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion prior to traveling to ensure your well being.
7.) Exercise!
It is proven that daily exercise improves your overall health and immune system. Exercise will help you to prevent or fight off any illnesses or diseases, and will make you less likely to get sick while traveling.
8.) Know Your Food Tolerance
Eating new foods is great, but it is important to know what your stomach can handle when it comes to foods such as red meats and spicy curries. Completely changing your diet can also cause you to get sick, so try new foods but don’t over do it.
9.) Know Food Hygiene
In many places salads could be washed in filthy water, fruits and vegetable might not be washed, cross contamination, and undercooked foods may be present. All of this can cause diarrhea and illnesses. Always be aware of a places food hygiene, and regardless be weary of undercooked meats.
10.) Wash Your Hands!
Wash your hands regularly to get rid of harmful bacteria lingering on items you have touched, and it will significantly help you to keep from getting sick while traveling.