Travel Trends 2019

With vacation season well underway, the travel and hospitality industries are seeing exponential growth well beyond the summer months. This year, travelers are adding fresh new twists to the expected itineraries with innovative practices. Take an inside look at the top five travel trends of 2019.

1. Immersive Vacations

Increasingly, savvy travelers are distancing themselves from the tourist stereotype and seeking a truly authentic experience. Whether their journey takes them across the ocean or over state lines, vacationers want the destination to come alive in a way that the old routes simply can’t provide and they’re seeking the services of apps, travel guides and concierges who can link them to locally unique experiences, from attending a raucous festival on Africa’s Ivory Coast to samba dancing in a Brazilian tavern.

2. By-Owner Rentals

In keeping with the immersive vacation trend, by-owner rentals have become the fashionably modern way to stay. Companies like Airbnb as well as do-it-yourself options like vacation rental by owner classified pages became essential in 2019. Homes with amenities to rival luxury hotels and apartments nestled in the heart of exotic cities are a traveler’s dream — gone are the days of „No Vacancy“ frustrations and isolated bed-and-breakfasts far from the action.

3. Smartphone Spending

The pioneering Google Wallet and Apple Pay functions have created a seamless integration of intelligence and convenience. The secure payment options easily transcend the complexities of credit cards, the mileage of which tends to vary from country to country. While some are still wary of this new method, this didn’t stop the tech-inclined traveler from testing — and ultimately proving — the value of Google and Apple’s ventures in 2019.

4. The Lure of the Far East

The appeal of Asia is one of the hottest trends of the year, particularly the draw of balmy and beautiful Thailand. The country has traditionally been a prime vacation destination, but political upheaval last year dimmed its glamour with resultant curfews and restrictions. 2019 saw a dispersal of these troubles encouraging travelers to once again flock to Thailand. Elsewhere on the Asian continent the decline of the yen, Japan’s national currency, has lowered the previously exorbitant cost of touring Japan’s stunning vistas.

5. Crossing Generational Lines

The most surprising travel trend of the year has nothing to do with smartphone apps or current fashions; in fact, it’s a trend that reaches back to previous generations. „Multi-gen“ travel connects families together as young millennials and their elder relatives pair up for a shared vacation experience. The trend has been building since the 2008 recession as a smart economic choice, but in 2019 it gained unexpected momentum on its own merit, surprising even longtime followers of the travel industry.