The Thailand Guide

Thailand is a really nice country in southeast Asia that has a culture and style all its own. They have their own cuisine, and they are not like what you think when you are looking from the outside. You have to try a few things to make sure that you get more enlightenment out of the trip, and you should keep trying new things because Thailand is an exciting and country in rich heritage.

The Food

Pad Thai does not taste how you think it tastes because we make it different in the west than they make it in Thailand. Technically, they did not create it. It is a western dish that kind of brings all the things together that are big there, and you can get some dishes that are like what you want. The flavor will be much stronger, and the dishes will have interesting proteins.

The Sights

Thailand has some great cities, and it is going to give you some nice corners to explore when you get to each city Bangkok is a great city all on its own, and it is home to commerce, medicine and industry. You can see a pretty diverse city, and you will be able to travel outside the cities. The sights in the rural areas are really green, and they are great because they introduce you to great people that you will love to meet. You might get invited back to the area just to see your friends. The tracks and trails are beautiful, and you can see more of the country that is not in the brochures.

The Culture

There is a lot of local music and art that you will not see in other parts of the world because it is unique to Thailand, and you need to move into the rural parts of the country where you can hear the music, see the dances and see the art that people have created. There are a lot of great people creating art and music in the country, and you will notice that the harmonic system in Thailand is exotic and intriguing. You will want to come home and listen to all that music to remind you of what your trip was like.

Digging into what Thailand is all about is going to help you have a great time, and you will love the way it feels to take a trip to this country.